[fosscomm] MS Marketing Medusa is here, yet again!

Mishi Choudhary mishi at softwarefreedom.org
Wed Oct 19 14:22:12 PDT 2011

I am only privy to the information provided in response to the RTI
applications  so far which seems to suggest its only OS but I may be
incorrect. I 'll send a copy across.

We could find out more but only if we can challenge it in any respect or
use the information to take any action otherwise it will be an exercise
in futility. The real point being either CDAC did not put in enough
effort to respond with data which is readily available as pointed out by
JTD or there was a  fail in marketing their own product  (about which
there are doubts anyways but there are alternative distros available) or
that which cannot be named happened.

There is also a failure on part of the commercial entities in the space
to have failed to infiltrate in departments responsible for taking
decision with widespread consequences.

In the TN case, we see that the concerned IAS office Sh. Umashankar is
crying for some  kind of help and I am unaware if the community as a
unit has provided him any support or backing. As sflc.in, we can unearth
information, bring legal challenges and create awareness but we do not
have funding for such education based issues wherein education and
awareness is required to suppress the FUD.

FSF seems to have capacity, bandwidth and the ability to take this fight
and take it as a national issue. Dr Nagarjuna and Arun have immense
experience in working with education departments all over the country
and hopefully would advise as to a future course of action and strategy
which the community adopts. They have been made aware of the issue. I
also think FSF's Government Affairs head- Mr Sudev Barar has been doing
similar work in Haryana.

On our front, we are following it up by asking for more information as
suggested by JTD (thanks for the inputs) and examining legal details in
addition to talking to RedHat and Ubuntu and NComputing who were
initially responsible for installation of EBOSS.

Your specific queries:

Details of CDAC's objections and point by point considerations in sidelining 
such objections.

The minutes seem to suggest that CDAC did not raise a lot of objections other than about interoperability and about switchovers,infact they made statements like their software (sic) is new compared to MS.

Did the officials communicate officially with the TN departments, as is 
required by protocol. If they did copy of replies maybe obtained.

What are the Microsoft products to be installed on these machines. 
Post installation, what are the software to be installed and the budgets for 

We have filed other RTI's to get such information

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