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On Tuesday 18 Oct 2011, jtd at mtnl.net.in wrote:
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Interesting to see all the little by-lanes this discussion has gone 
into.  Just to keep the record straight, I have nothing against anyone 
using the NC licence.  On the other hand, I do believe (and can 
substantiate) that if your objective is freedom and openness, then NC 
will prevent you from achieving that objective.  Of course, you can 
choose to redefine "freedom" and "openness" into some terms that meet 
your personal agenda, but dammit, calling it "day" doesn't make the 
night any the less dark!

As for corporations and mindsets and money and monopolies, fascinating  
as they are, they are at best tangential to the basic issue of freedom.

Getting the popcorn, putting my feet up and watching the fireworks.  
Happy Diwali all!


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