[fosscomm] SCILAB Workshop at MIT Meerut

Guru गुरु Guru at ITforChange.net
Tue Oct 4 06:44:51 PDT 2011

On 04/10/11 13:34, Mohit Singh wrote:
> Dear FOSSouls,
> As AICTE has uploaded the list of pen source educational alternatives,
> a SCILAB workshop is being planned for faculty members at Meerut
> Institute of Technology,Meerut.
> SCILAB India Office is at IIT Bombay. MIT Meerut prefers some SCILAB
> expert from IIT Delhi Zone.
> Kindly help us get in touch with the SCILAB community trainers from
> IIT Delhi Zone.
Dear Mohit

IIT Mumbai as a part of the 'Spoken Tutorials' (www.Spoken-Tutorial.org) 
project has created spoken tutorials (10 minute videos made using 
Desktop recorder) on various free software tools. While these videos are 
for self learning of all, IIT Mumbai also conduct workshops for students 
who would like to learn these tools, in which the students learn from 
the videos and appear for a test, for which there is a certification 
from IIT Mumbai, on satisfactory completion. Currently, these 'student 
workshop' programs are available for Ubuntu, Scilab and Latex software 
applications. In addition to the workshops with SCILAB faculty, these 
"student workshops" may help provide a good base on SCILAB which could 
aid/augment the faculty's efforts. certification may also be of interest 
to the students (and the institution).

If MIT Meerut is interested in this, do let us know, am marking Shyama 
who works with the project at IIT Mumbai.

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