[fosscom] Update on activities discussed in Bangalore FOSSCOMM meet

vinay ವಿನಯ್ vinay at itforchange.net
Wed Jun 3 23:56:14 PDT 2009

Hi All,

After the February FOSCOMM kick-off meet, there has been progress on 
some of the activities discussed. I have updated the status for some of 
the activities in the wiki (http://fosscom.in/)  Request all those who 
own initiated activities to go ahead and update the status when you can.

Also, pasting the status and activities right here.

We can probably use this list to get an idea of what we want to do/can 
do through the Delhi FOSCOMM meet as well. In Bangalore, what probably 
worked as far as identifying and moving on activities, as a 
network/coalition was that we decided that members would put forward 
tasks they will be doing and invite other members to join. People have 
been moving ahead on the activities they said they would like to take 
-up.We can perhaps discuss if we want to follow this model for Delhi?

Here's the status -

    * In Bangalore - pilot project to train education department staff
      on GNU/Linux for the ICT in school education project- ITfC,Renuka
      Prasad, Sriram, Harish Singh

*Status -*Proposal has been submitted to the government and initial 
approval for the project has been obtained.This project will involve 
training 20-40 government high school teachers the basics of GNU/Linux 
and open office suite. Discussions on schedule etc will be done by week 
of June 8

    * challenge bundling of h/w and s/w - ITfC, CIS, ALF

*Status -*One of the impediments for the success of FOSS is the large 
number of anti-competitive practices in the software sector. The main 
problems FOSS faces in this realm are -

1.The bundling of proprietary software with hardware. 2.Software 
Dumping. 3.Non Inter-operability

An initial legal note has been prepared for the same (to be shared with 
FOSSCOMM shortly). A meeting will be held shortly to discuss taking this 

    * Solve Nudi problem technically - Sampada
    * Offer a framework that can batch convert legacy docs to Unicode,
      .odt format - Santosh, HP Nadig, Swatantra Malayalam Computing

*Status -*Nudi is the official Government of Karnataka font and 
font-encoding standard. The Nudi software released by GoK(as freeware) 
does not work on GNU/Linux. Getting the government to adopt GNU/Linux is 
not possible till we get Nudi to work on the same, since the government 
uses only Nudi for creating Kannada documents. Hence there is a need to 
come up with a solution to get Nudi to work on GNU/Linux. A project has 
been initiated for the same

    * Meeting of VCs(vice-chancellors) and workshop for the same -
      NRC-FOSS, ITfC, Renuka Prasad, CIS, Kingsly John,Anivar Aravind

*Status -*NRC-FOSS is willing to arrange for a FOSS workshop for Mysore 
University. ITfC has spoken to the Mysore VC who has agreed to host the 
workshop. NRC-FOSS has also written to Mysore VC about the workshop. 
This project will get started once Mysore University sends out a formal 
invite which is likely to happen within the next week

    * Foss training modules for community radio, for peoples movements -
      Moving Republic
    * Challenge a Software patent - CIS, ALF
    * Helping with making syllabus vendor neutral - Renuka Prasad,
      Sriram "Ram" Narayanan, Shyam
    * Organize foss beginner meets in Bangalore - Vidya Ayer, HP Nadig,
      Abhinav Sahai
    * Translation of foss training material to Kannada - Arvind, Om
    * Help with designing promotional materials - Harish Singh, Hiran
    * Technical support - Abhas Abhinav
    * Create template letters to be written to government
      departments,advocating foss - ITfC,CIS

Will be done in June 09

    * Meet education and e-governance departments to promote foss -
      ITfC, Suparna Diwakar

Will be done in June 09

    * Openstreet map of karnataka - Renuka Prasad



Vinay Sreenivasa
IT for Change
vinay at itforchange.net


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