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Dear Guru

Here are my comments:

   1. I agree with the comment (by ?) that the notion of outreach –
   essentially implies “top down”. I have looked at 2 computer aided learning
   programmes and found that the actual situation in the school did not inform
   the model – it was not at all in sync with ground realities. Yes, ICT is
   capable of supporting local / decentralised designs.
   2. The vision of ICT should encompass ways of learning – it is not only
   about technology and creating a knowledge society. It should be about
   learning, about understanding and using ICT as a tool to learn / teach the
   curriculum. ICT is not for something “different” from the essential aim of
   education. It needs to integrate / support / enhance teaching learning
   processes, promote self learning and promote exploration.
   3. I agree with the comment that equity needs to be brought centre stage.
   We just have to ask – how ICT can help us address the issue of quality
   education for all.
   4. Among the goals should be to develop confidence as well as the ability
   to use technology (diverse sets of technology – including radio (incl
   Edusat), electronic, audio-visual media)  by teachers and students. This
   implies that we do not adopt a minimalist approach to ICT – facilities
   should be good, functioning, usable and freely accessible. There is no point
   in installing  technology if other related connectivity / power / hardware
   issues are not addressed simultaneously.... To this end, may be we can ask
   for “basic minimum non-negotiable conditions” for an ICT programme.
   5. Given power / hardware problems in public institutions, I do not have
   (in principle) objections to the BOOT model – we need to ensure oversight
   over them to make sure the  curriculum needs to be driven by “education
   wallahs” and not “technology wallahs” - and that the programme does not
   degenerate into one of procurement and kickbacks.
   6. All pre-service and also select in-service programmes need to include
   ICT and education for new and old teachers. Their confidence and comfort is
   essential if the programme has to make any meaningful impact.
   7. Content development has to be *led *by educators / teachers and not by

I have to get back to my deadline, sorry Guru this is all I have to say

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