[fosscomm] Microsoft wants to be part of UID proj : Bill Gates

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Sun Jul 26 08:00:55 PDT 2009

On Sunday 26 July 2009, justin joseph wrote:
> On 7/26/09, Mohit Singh <gmohitsingh at gmail.com> wrote:
> >> And mind you BG is being very generous with his foundation money. No the
> >> two
> >> have no link whatsoever.
> >
> > Dear JTD and others, May I kindly elicit the fact that the Redmond
> > Codelifter has a history of approaching IIT for student fellowship
> > followed by tenders (and both are implicitly linked).
> >
> > Our slum dwellers (and even dogs out there) dont need even a single
> > dollar of a so called billionaire who shamelessly markets his inferior
> > products like inventions.
> >
> > We are not poor because we dont have money, we are poor due to our
> > attitude of being poor and becoming poorer by our mindsets.
> The above may be good rhetoric but will not stand ground.  M$ would have
> made inventions, the products maybe superior too... but:
> "What really matters is not Gates, nor Microsoft, but the unethical
> system of restrictions that Microsoft, like many other software
> companies, imposes on its customers."
> Some of the points like "Solicit funds" "Gratuitous incompatibilities"
> "Unjust system" etc..mentioned  here: http://www.fsf.org/blogs/rms
> makes more sense to me.
> And in any case I don't think the people in the slums are going to
> appreciate us if we say that their attitude is keeping them poor and at the
> same time deciding for them not the take money even from bill Gates, after
> all the president of India just awarded him and standing nearby our prime
> minister clapped in encouragement and appreciation.
> some history:
> http://mm.gnu.org.in/pipermail/fsf-friends/2007-March/004639.html
> As far as I can remember Raju had done his homework and had posted
> arguments against bsnl-microsoft tie up.  Including one in which microsoft
> has told an U.S court judge that no information can be handed over as
> matter pertains to national security(Microsoft tied to U.S national
> security).
> My memory is hazy, what was the outcome of Raju's attempts?
> It will never be about specializations.  That is what the specialists
> fail to see.
> It would help a lot if there was a less insistence on RFC 1855
> compliance for now
> and more encouragement on participation and bringing in more people who
> can get things done on the ground.

The only plus I can see with us at the moment is a possible widespread 
inclusion of a large number of people.

So can we refocus on a formal structure and minimal agenda.

As Vid says we dont wanna be YAML even with the entertainment.

As a one shot emergency some minimal representation without an entity was 

So can someone start a thread and STRICTLY FOCUS on this aspect to the 
exclusion of everything else. IMO everything else will be red herrings 
without a legal entity anyway.

As Vid says we dont wanna be YAML.  Even with the entertainment.

> IMHO Delhi friends may want to file and RTI for MoM of Bill Gates and
> Nandan Nilekani meeting as and when that happens, can request
> volunteers in FSMK to track the same.  As a citizen I would want to
> know what was discussed.
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