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Sun Jul 26 00:03:44 PDT 2009

On 22/07/2009, Linux Lingam <linuxlingam at gmail.com> wrote:
> just checked out the final version on the fosscomm.in site. looks
> nice. good work hiran.

its not latest. i havent made one with two 'm'

personally, i like the feel of three punches it seems to deliver, may
> i guess, to proprietary software, proprietary standards, and
> proprietary knowledge?


the centre shape does look alarmingly similar to the nuclear hazard
> sign, makes it a bit sensational.
> maybe that is a good thing, a discreet 'warning' or a 'danger sign' to
> indicate metaphorically, the consequences of allowing all things
> proprietary and patented.
> the tones of green offset the nuclear logo red. not putting the whole
> shape in a circle makes it better.

will put the new logo within 3 days

> niyam
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