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Subject: [Fsmk-discuss] FSMK Newsletter Volume 2

Hi All,

Presenting the second edition of FSMK News Letter.

FSMK News Letter Volume 2 <http://fsmk.org/node/39>

Thanks a lot for accepting the first news letter and letting us know your
valuables suggestions and criticisms. We have tried our best to improve
based on those inputs. Improvement is a continuous process and we
assure you the same with our current News Letter.

We discuss everything related to free software. It includes technology,
news, free-software politics, philosophy,etc..  We are sure that this is a
stepping stone to get well equipped on free software movement.

Through this News letter, Know about the Free Software Movement
Karnataka and Join the Movement...

We are expecting your valuable comments..

Write to us editor at fsmk.org.

FSMK Editorial Board
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