[fosscomm] Proposal to add to Principles

Mohit Singh gmohitsingh at gmail.com
Wed Jul 22 11:41:54 PDT 2009

>> There is a line which divides charity and business.
> Who is talking about charity.

Thanks for writing this line, we can keep this for future quotations.

> that is ancient history.

history repeats itself so we should be prepared.

> Absolutely nothing. So it's a businesses job to do business. I dont see why we
> should be wasting our energies telling people how to do their business.

We should be just broadening and lengthening the road ahead for FOSS
business. Surely, people know how to use it!

>> We are not here to teach a fish how to swim. I opine that why do we
>> differentiate between the business and non-business fish in FOSSCOMM?
> Now i am confused. I thought you were saying we should be promoting FOSS
> businesses.

of course, why the confusion? I oppose the mindset of differentiating
among fishes and considering business people as odd fishes out of


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