[fosscomm] Letter to e-Governance department, Government of Karnataka

vinay ವಿನಯ್ vinay at itforchange.net
Wed Jul 22 08:29:05 PDT 2009

Dear All,

One of the key goals of FOSSCOMM was to be able to write to various 
departments/agencies relating to adoption of FOSS and to engage with the
department and persuade them to adopt FOSS.

One of the fundamental issues in Karnataka is that the 'official' font  
of the Government - Nudi, does not work (well) on GNU/Linux. This is 
preventing government departments/agencies from adopting FOSS.

We have drafted a letter for the e-Governance secretary of the Govt of 
Karnataka, discussing the issues relating to Nudi and requesting that
they address the issue .

As a consequence of our Bangalore FOSSCOMM meeting, some of the 
Bangalore organizations are already working on the technical aspects of
Nudi, this letter is to get the government also into this process and 
own up/complement  work done by the FOSS community.

Request your comments and suggestions to refine the letter and the 
annexed note(both attached), by 26th July. If it works better to put it 
on the FOSSCOMM wiki, please let me know and i'll do so.



Vinay Sreenivasa
IT for Change
vinay at itforchange.net


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