[fosscomm] Proposal to add to Principles

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Tue Jul 21 14:53:26 PDT 2009

On Tuesday 21 July 2009, Mohit Singh wrote:
> > Please keep the business aspect (as in building a business with FOSS
> > software) completely out of FOSSCOM. There are enough complications
> > without trying to teach sharks to hunt.
> There is a line which divides charity and business.

Who is talking about charity.

> Tea was served as a charity in initial days, the rest is history.
> Pirated Software was neglected purposely to make the people habitual
> of their software. Free Software removes even the need of piracy but
> the efforts for the ubiquity of this approach clearly demand something
> beyond the non-business mindset.
> People have clearly written on this mailing list that they charge
> nicely for their FOSS services. This is honest acceptance of facts and
> should be seen as transparency.

I am one of them. And i dont see any problem with that.

> One of the biggest problem with FOSS is the non business tag 

that is ancient history.

> and this 
> fact will soon become evident to those who want to put the 'business'
> mindset out of this ecosystem.
> I ask - why should one be shy to accept that FOSS promotional efforts
> bring business to somebody? 

It's not about FOSS promotion in business, it is about FOSS promotion in 
business in THIS proposed organisation.

> Its natural that no project can move 
> without money. If the customer gets proper care and FOSSilosophy is
> respected in the whole process, what is the problem with the business
> aspect?

Absolutely nothing. So it's a businesses job to do business. I dont see why we 
should be wasting our energies telling people how to do their business.

> > So be it. A business that cant keep it's customers should not be in
> > business, and it's not our job to teach a business it's business.
> We are not here to teach a fish how to swim. I opine that why do we
> differentiate between the business and non-business fish in FOSSCOMM?

Now i am confused. I thought you were saying we should be promoting FOSS 


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