[fosscomm] Proposal to add to Principles

amachu ramadasan at amachu.net
Tue Jul 21 22:30:47 PDT 2009

On Tue, 2009-07-21 at 23:32 +0530, Mohit Singh wrote:
> > Please keep the business aspect (as in building a business with FOSS software)
> > completely out of FOSSCOM. There are enough complications without trying to
> > teach sharks to hunt.
> There is a line which divides charity and business.

I do not embrace the modern practice of justifying Business under
immoral conditions (as in Proprietary Software) and do charity work out
of money earned through it (The Bill Gates AIDS Foundation). 

I believe for some who carries out his profession in moral ways need not
do any charity work at all. Any Free Software professional for that

Every act should give or provide a chance of leading a comfortable
living for the person who does it. It can be Health Care, Education or
whatever it may be.

That being the case only Water pandhals, Guest Houses and few other
things will be considered as Charity works :-)



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