[fosscomm] Proposal to add to Principles

Mohit Singh gmohitsingh at gmail.com
Sun Jul 19 15:23:34 PDT 2009

>  That would be rude and discourage people from contributing.

It will not be rude but making one understand the responsibilities of
releasing a public domain software. If someone cant stay for long, the
FOSSCOMM community can see what can be done as a community. My
proposal should be seen in the light of some efforts need be initiated
to change the facts of today in favour of the FOSS ecosystem as a

If we can define some levels of responsibility on the part of
contributor, it will not be implicit threatening but a clear
declaration of seriousness and it will improve the confidence of the
customer too. Just like CMM Level 5 is seen better than CMM Level 1.

What if I cant
> find a contributor as a replacement ? Also, it will not fall in line with
> the basic principle of freedom as you are  restricting the exit for a
> contributor.

I am not proposing to restrict the exit but to make it a graceful
exit. If someone decides to quit, a process may be followed to
handover the baton to some new person.

If a suitable replacement is not visible, a process may help such
projects. See, the absence of a process in such cases kills the entire
project. The customer feels betrayed and one can lose confidence on
FOSS products too.

If we can devise such a process for longevity of a FOSS project, we
can add another dimension to FOSS Project Management. Ideas are
welcome. This is open problem. Lets talk on this.


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