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On Mon, Jul 20, 2009 at 2:03 AM, Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com> wrote:

> 2009/7/19 Vivek Khurana <hiddenharmony at gmail.com>:
> > Why students specifically ?
> focus. If we want to expand the scope, by removing the student
> reference, that is fine too. But I think students have great potential
> to be contrinutors - and we have so many of the students in our
> country, who generally needs some guidance. Once we help the students,
> most will continue even after they are out of school/college. Another
> point is start early.

 I dont think getting student contributors is a problem at all. The real
problem is to ensure that they stick around and continue contributing. I
know couple of cases where the student was very active in FOSS domain while
in college and disappeared without a trace on finding a job.
 What I feel that somewhere FOSS is beig projected as a ladder to find big
ticket jobs and once you land up in the job you can throw the ladder to
/dev/null . I would prefer to focus on getting committed contributors to
FOSS, no issues if they switch projects after a while but as long as they
are contributing. At teh same time I am not saying that every student
contributor drops out but the percentage of drop out is very high. Have a
look at the number of students who got selected in gsoc every year and
compare it with the number of contributors who survive after one year or two
years of finishing the college, the number is low.
 So may be FOSSCOMM should focus on working with student contributors to
turn them into regular contributors.


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