[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as an alternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

amachu ramadasan at amachu.net
Sun Jul 19 09:42:26 PDT 2009


I was expecting some comments on my reply. Should I take it as,

1) Accepted
2) Ignored
3) Rejected
4) No comments (Can't say)
5) None of the above

On Sat, 2009-07-18 at 12:57 +0530, ramadasan at amachu.net wrote:
> // Quoting Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
> Wed Jul 8 02:11:19 PDT 2009
> as FOSSCOMM is a collection of individuals and organisations, we have the
> following use cases:
> 1. A person belonging to an organisation, but in FOSSCOMM in his individual
> capacity - then nature of his organisation is irrelevant.
> 2. A person representing an organisation in FOSSCOMM - nature of organisation
> is relevant //
> That was indeed a huge thread to follow up and post a reply.
> Well on who can become a member, I agree both individuals and
> Organisations can become members.
> I have two set of individuals coming to my mind,
> 1) A FOSS admirer
> 2) A FOSS activist
> #1 are those category of non-IT people who are thankful to the FOSS
> community and have got benefited because of it.
> #2 are FOSS developers, non-developer activists.
> On how can they become a member of the FOSSCOMM,
> We should have a Oath defined that is Loyal to Free Software Philosophy
> and make it available in all Indian Languages.
> Any one from any part of the nation who takes that oath true to his own
> conscience/ god or what ever he may prefer shall become a member.
> On Organisations, I have five set of Orgganisations coming to my mind,
> #1 FOSS beneficiaries
> #2 FOSS also as Business
> #3 FOSS Advisories
> #4 FOSS only Business
> #5 Others
> #1 are non-IT companies who are benefited because of FOSS and they want to
> see more things coming up in FOSS and they want to support any such
> initiatives.
> #2 are 50%-50% cases like Zimbra, Novell, and Organizations who also
> provide FOSS services for there is also Business in it. They shall be part
> of the Community, but kept at an outer ring.
> #3 are people like Redhat, Canonical, Mandriva, OpenBravo etc., whom we
> admire, respect for their dedication to FOSS but could not allow them into
> administrative aspects of a setup unique to India, as any decision at
> their Organizational level, outside India directly affects their
> operations in India. (I hope in IT 100% FDI is allowed.)
> #4 is an association of Organizations who swear to do Business only
> through FOSS and is of Indian Origin. The Community should collectively
> work for such Organizations to prosper and fight for their causes,
> com-batting  hindrances created by NASSCOM, M$ etc.,
> (Some relaxation shall be given to #3 & #4 when it comes to
> inter-interoperability with Proprietary Units)
> #3 & #4 work together in all aspects but any representation of the
> Community shall only be made through #4
> #5 are Organizations shall be FOSS friendly favoring NGOs, government
> initiatives like NRCFOSS etc.,
> Organizations that want to be part of the Community should, covey to the
> Community under which category they fall and we shall have instructions
> accordingly.
> Thats it for now.

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