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Fri Jul 17 23:52:42 PDT 2009

On Saturday 18 Jul 2009, OpenSpace wrote:
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> What you are saying in essence is that The Free and Open Source
> Software Community be a Closed Cabal with Limited Disclosure when it
> comes to its own functioning, and sit on a moral high horse regarding
> closed proprietary systems?

Please don't put words into my mouth -- that is not what I said at all.  
My meaning was very clear from the example I gave, and if you'd like to 
discuss that I'd be more than glad to; discussing a position that you 
attribute to me, on the other hand, is non-productive for me, and I have 
tons of other, more interesting non-productive activities to indulge in 
before this one comes to the top of the list.

> Have confidence in openness and transparency... it is powerful, and
> more important, it works!

I'm afraid that there will always be information passed in confidence to 
FOSSCOMM members, and if I have a choice between breaking a trust given 
to me by a friend and adhering to the principles of openness and 
transparency, guess which one will prevail?


-- Raj
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