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On Friday 17 Jul 2009, Anivar Aravind wrote:
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> An alliance /network  need to build from Base rules. Not from the top
> or on the basis on immediate action items. No one here is objecting
> Andrew lynn's intervention as foss supporter / JNU Professor or In
> Individual Capacity., That we all do in our individual capacities. We
> all know fosscomm not yet formalised its structure and that process
> need to be initiated from Ground rules/principles and membership
> criteria
> So lets start from that instead of Representation/ Apex Commiteee
> Discussions .

There are discussions and meetings that are held in camera and which the 
participants may not want disclosed to the whole world.  For instance, 
if Prof Lynn is given some information about the progress of the Open 
Standards issue in confidence by a committee member, on a personal 
basis, there is no way he (Andrew) can share it with this list.  On the 
other hand, the information may be crucial enough to warrant immediate 
action.  In these circumstances Andrew only has 3 choices:

1. Do nothing and let the window lapse.

2. Do something on a personal basis, which may or may not be the 
appropriate response.

3. Share the information with a select peer group in confidence and 
enable the peer group to provide the necessary response.

I'm afraid that openness is only possible up to a point when dealing 
with external, possibly hostile entities, so I second Prof Lynn's call 
for a Working Group to tackle confidential activities that may be 
required for progress in the Open Standards case.  Note: "Apex 
Committee" is a misnomer -- these people aren't in any way special or 
better than the rest of us worker ants -- they are just more qualified 
to tackle this particular issue and keep confidential information just 
that: confidential.  (They will also have to work harder than the rest 
of us, but that's their problem ;-)

If such a Working Group is formed, I'd insist on regular (say weekly) 
reports from them on their activities, or whatever can be revealed about 
their activities without breaching friendly confidences and tipping off 
inimical entities.


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