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Fri Jul 17 17:55:19 PDT 2009

On Fri, Jul 17, 2009 at 10:19 PM, jitendra <jituviju at gmail.com> wrote:
> Some confusion for me.in what Andrew wrote:
Sorry - the original mail was confusing :)

>> it was felt that a review of the policy( which policy, which version  )was required due to the earlier (when?)representation,

The Draft Policy on Open Standards in E-governance [1] was released
sometime in July 2008, open for public review, and then revised on the
basis of these reviews/representations from various bodies. The
revised draft policy [2] is now under public review.

>> and that after the review it(revision or original policy) was found unsustainable.

The representation for introduction of multiple standards, including
proprietary ones, was found unsustainable. The revised draft policy is
almost a repeat of the original draft.

>> Also mentioned was the fact that there were a number of letters this time in support of >open standards to counter the suggestion for multiple standards from NASSCOM and >MAIT, and would provide sufficient reason to retain it (presumably 'single' and 'open' >standard) without change.

Yes. There is considerable discussion on this list on the
representation from NASSCOM and MAIT to introduce multiple standards.
A further revision or review would probably be unnecessary as there
are also representations in favour of the present policy and open


[1] http://egovstandards.gov.in/public-review/egscontent.2008-08-22.3525430649/base_view
[2] http://egovstandards.gov.in/apex-review/egscontent.2009-06-10.9186812684

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