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> Would be glad to be of any help. We must target to meet som mittal, s r
> rao and the joint secretary of MCIT.
> Andrew, Raj, others, please let us know when we should fix a meeting for
> you with the above.
> Thanks
> Jaijit

I had a brief discussion with Prof. Sivakumar, IIT Mumbai and Dr. P.
Balasubramanian Director, OTC today at MCIT on the topic of the draft policy
for e-govn. Both are on the apex committee.
In general, it was felt that a review of the policy  was required due to the
earlier representation, and that after the review it was found
unsustainable.  Also mentioned was the fact that there were a number of
letters this time in support of open standards to counter the suggestion for
multiple standards from NASSCOM and MAIT, and would provide sufficient
reason to retain it without change.

I suggested that NRC-FOSS join FOSSCOM :)

That said, I would prefer that some electronic conversation be conducted
without archiving or through telephone. In general, arranging meetings, and
reporting discussion when we have to mention a third party is probably best
done by ordinary email with cc's. We really need to form the FOSSCOM apex

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