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> Dear friends,
> For a fledgling group like ours, it is worth a pat on back that FOSSCOMM
> was able to in such a short time put out a representation to DIT on the
> issue of open standards draft policy. And also nominate a 3 member team
> to represent FOSSCOMM on this issue.
> I would like to make a request - that FOSSCOMM empower the three member
> group - Raj, Kishore and Andrew to take the help of any other person /
> organizations as they think required in this effort, including on
> telecons, meetings etc etc. Specifically, inputs of people who have been
> working on this issue for a long time - Venky/Jaijit/Prabir/Nagarjuna
> etc will always be useful to our team.
> Advocacy is often a quick thinking and acting process and strategies
> will need to be thought on feet. Hence if we can empower our group to
> act on FOSSCOMM behalf to act in ways they think required, to push our
> agenda on this issue, it would make their work more effective. They
> could periodically report back to FOSSCOMM on the events/actions etc.
> Dear Raj/Kishore/Andrew, all the best and we are with you!
> thanks and regards,
> Guru
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> Hi,
> The letter was signed by Kishore, Andrew and I and faxed to the
> Secretary, DIT yesterday evening just a little after 17:30.  I'll call
> up today to confirm that it was received and intimate the list
> accordingly.
> We had to make some minor changes in the final draft before faxing, will
> upload it as soon as I get the document onto my computer.
> On a side note, I learn that the Open Source Initiative has also
> communicated a formal position on open standards to Mr Chandrasekhar
> yesterday.  I'm trying to get hold of the document to add to the Wiki.
> Regards,
> -- Raj
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Would be glad to be of any help. We must target to meet som mittal, s r
rao and the joint secretary of MCIT.
Andrew, Raj, others, please let us know when we should fix a meeting for
you with the above.


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