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Raj Mathur raju at linux-delhi.org
Wed Jul 15 23:04:57 PDT 2009

On Thursday 16 Jul 2009, Venkatesh Hariharan wrote:
> Wonderful mail, Raj! I would like to see a list that is friendly and
> inclusive. The whole objective of FOSSCOMM is to bring in more people
> into this movement. Therefore, I agree with you 100 percent!

Thanks, Venky.

Having said all that, I still believe that interleaved posting, 
excerpting articles, trimming cruft, etc. are desirable on any mailing 
list.  I'm just going to avoid being anal about them.

It will be tough accepting sms-speak, though.  f u cn rd ts u r 2 gd fr 
hs gl 2 shn tr blv ;)


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