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Dear friends,

For a fledgling group like ours, it is worth a pat on back that FOSSCOMM 
was able to in such a short time put out a representation to DIT on the 
issue of open standards draft policy. And also nominate a 3 member team 
to represent FOSSCOMM on this issue.

I would like to make a request - that FOSSCOMM empower the three member 
group - Raj, Kishore and Andrew to take the help of any other person / 
organizations as they think required in this effort, including on 
telecons, meetings etc etc. Specifically, inputs of people who have been 
working on this issue for a long time - Venky/Jaijit/Prabir/Nagarjuna 
etc will always be useful to our team.

Advocacy is often a quick thinking and acting process and strategies 
will need to be thought on feet. Hence if we can empower our group to 
act on FOSSCOMM behalf to act in ways they think required, to push our 
agenda on this issue, it would make their work more effective. They 
could periodically report back to FOSSCOMM on the events/actions etc.

Dear Raj/Kishore/Andrew, all the best and we are with you!

thanks and regards,

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The letter was signed by Kishore, Andrew and I and faxed to the
Secretary, DIT yesterday evening just a little after 17:30.  I'll call
up today to confirm that it was received and intimate the list

We had to make some minor changes in the final draft before faxing, will
upload it as soon as I get the document onto my computer.

On a side note, I learn that the Open Source Initiative has also
communicated a formal position on open standards to Mr Chandrasekhar
yesterday.  I'm trying to get hold of the document to add to the Wiki.


-- Raj
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