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Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Wed Jul 15 22:16:52 PDT 2009

On Thursday 16 Jul 2009 10:22:34 am Raj Mathur wrote:
> > I am sure there are good reasons for 'posting format' rules like top
> > line posting, news along with link, snip etc etc. for more efficient
> > communication etc. However these are not universal rules that govern
> > mailing lists.
> Whether they are rules or not, I'd personally suggest a more easygoing
> attitude towards posts on this mailing list.  I've participated on other
> mailing lists where the members aren't techies, and found that things we
> (techies) tend to take for granted are major stumbling blocks for non-
> techies.

it is not an issue between 'techies' and non 'techies'. Whatever that means. 
It is an issue between the f/oss way of doing things and the other way. It is 
only in f/oss lists that people bother about things like making the list 
efficient and the best way of doing things. I am on one or two non-foss lists, 
and anything goes there. There is nothing very technical about interleaving 
posting, not dumping huge cut-ad-pastes etc. It is just that people are 
ignorant of these things. Brought to their notice, some of them realise the 
benefits - the others go their own way. 

I would be interested to see a non-f/oss list where people actually discuss 
rules of how to post and how not to post. btw, there is this some what dated 
link that may interest people who are sincerely interested in posting without 


Unrestricted freedom is not freedom. It is anarchy. 
Kenneth Gonsalves

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