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Raj Mathur raju at linux-delhi.org
Wed Jul 15 21:52:34 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 15 Jul 2009, Guru गुरु wrote:
> [snip]
> I am sure there are good reasons for 'posting format' rules like top
> line posting, news along with link, snip etc etc. for more efficient
> communication etc. However these are not universal rules that govern
> mailing lists.

Whether they are rules or not, I'd personally suggest a more easygoing 
attitude towards posts on this mailing list.  I've participated on other 
mailing lists where the members aren't techies, and found that things we 
(techies) tend to take for granted are major stumbling blocks for non-

So let's just relax, pull up that beer/soda/martini/coke and watch as 
etiquette is flaunted with impunity.  List rules can evolve over time, 
and apart from a few (like not spamming, no ad hominems, etc.) they 
should be treated more as guidelines with adherence left to the 
discretion of the poster.  Shouting down a non-tech person for not 
following perceived rules is a total no-no in my book.

To go one step further, I'd suggest that the putative committee that 
determines the rules/guidelines for this list be composed only of non-
tech people.  We techies should be free to give our suggestions, but 
they would not be binding in any way, and while we ourselves can use 
inline comments, article references (or whatever the bugbear du jour is) 
in our own posts, we should only expect them from others at their 

Educative, pro-active list etiquette: yes; forced etiquette: no.


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