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jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Wed Jul 15 11:23:42 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 15 July 2009, Guru गुरु wrote:

> I am sure there are good reasons for 'posting format' rules like top
> line posting, news along with link, snip etc etc. for more efficient
> communication etc. However these are not universal rules that govern
> mailing lists.

Very good reasons, primarily concerned with reducing wastage of scarce server 
and even scarcer member resources. My archive has more than 2.5 lakh mails, 
all from various FLOSS lists. Every bit counts.

> Since one basic purpose of setting up FOSSCOMM is to extend the support
> for FOSS to other groups, including people and organizations not
> necessarily tech-savvy,

Posting guidelines are aimed at improving their tech savyness.

> I would propose that we be extremely relaxed on 
> emails - both in terms of actual format etc (I find it convenient to
> have the information with the link so that I need not click on the link
> and I favor posting over top of the mail that I am responding to) as
> well as the substance of the mail (so long as it connects to FOSS). This
> will help in getting more participation from new comers to the group and
> the list and expanding/strengthening FOSSCOMM. I know I have said the
> same thing many times earlier and apologise for the repetition.

I am quite sure that following wastage reducing guidelines will help  and 
increase wider participation. The sooner we reduce unneccessary wastage the 
better. And having guidelines will avoid people taking things personally.

> Hence I request our more disciplined friends to put up with the 'lax'
> methods of some of us in the interests of inclusion and try to avoid
> suggesting formal posting rules etc.

Once the guidelines are up. A simple pointer to the guidelines would be 


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