[fosscomm] Members irked with Nasscom

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Wed Jul 15 01:35:04 PDT 2009

On Wednesday 15 July 2009, Pranesh Prakash wrote:
> On Wednesday 15 July 2009 11:13 AM, Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> > I thought it was agreed that posts quoting news items should give a link
> > with a brief description - not to give the link and also cut and paste ad
> > verbatim.
> I tend to disagree.  I think it is better to paste the news item, albeit
> with a short summary / intro, and a link to the original news item.
> Having just the description and the link forces me to open up a browser
> to read the article.  

> I see the extra kilobytes that pasting the whole 
> article would take as the much lesser evil.

If you total all the extra kilobytes, it will be costly in real rupees. It's 
nasty waste, besides leaving lesser and lesser space for comments, as the 
thread grows.


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