[fosscomm] Income tax e-filing is all about editing in MS-Excel?

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Wed Jul 15 03:39:01 PDT 2009


co-incidentally, I sent a mail to the IT authorities on the same issue. 
I can test if the ITR-1 will work with Open office as well. Can we take 
this off-line (anyothers interested in this issue, pls join) and test 
out the ITR and get IT site to allow ODS uploads as well


Shyam | ശ്യാം കാരനാട്ട് | Karanattu wrote:
> Hi,
> May be this is a bit old issue, but I just saw it now, that the e-filing
> of income tax returns is all about filling things in MS-Excel.
> The site offers .xls files[1] with macros and all that, which has the
> specified forms of filing the data in MS-Excel. and uploading it.
> The ideal way to respond would be with the .ods files with all those
> things as in .xls . Now the .xls files are opening correctly on
> openoffice and hopefully it should be ok to convert it to .ods. But it
> would be great if some one familiar with the tax forms can check and
> make sure .ods too works fine. The site offers the schema too[2]. Even
> if we could convert those to .ods successfully, the government should be
> ready to accept the .ods files too. I haven't yet checked the whole
> process of efiling.  
> Has this been on discussion before? the site is offering "Excel Utility"
> and "Pdf Utility" even for the Assessment year 2007-2008. Also i heard
> the last date for this year 09-10 is july end or so.. pretty late it
> seems.
> Moreover i see the "Pdf Utility" given there(for eg:[3]) is even
> un-viewable on all the pdf viewers i have. As i open it says to use a
> later version of adobe pdf viewer. 
> Hope to know more about anything that can be done.
> Regards
> Shyam K
> [1]-- https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/portal/individual_huf.do
> [2]-- https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/portal/advanced_users.do
> [3]-- https://incometaxindiaefiling.gov.in/portal/downloads07-08/itr/ITR2_Version1.2.pdf
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