[fosscomm] Hall of Shame

ck raju ck.thrissur at gmail.com
Tue Jul 14 04:17:13 PDT 2009

http://fosscomm.in/HallOfShame needs to enlarge its scope.

For instance, http://nrega.nic.in/ is the portal designed and
developed by NIC for Ministry of Rural Development.
http://nrega.nic.in/user_manual_nrega.pdf is its user manual, where,
even MoRD tries to explain what is meant by "Microsoft technologies
and open technologies".

Examples like these not only expose the linkages that Microsoft have
with NIC and MoRD, but also intimates us the ineffectiveness of
Ministry of Information Technology in endorsing open standards, even
for public utilities that have a national presence. I am afraid
whether appeals before MIT would remain appeals only, as these kind of
stealth-actions go undisturbed with the help of national public

How do we counter these kind of subversive activities in the most
effective manner ?  Whom are we going to approach ? Most importantly,
how are we going to document these subversive activities in our Hall
of Shame ?
CK Raju

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