[fosscomm] Chrome OS Could Offend the Open Source Community

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Tue Jul 14 02:32:40 PDT 2009

On Tuesday 14 July 2009, tb dinesh wrote:
> Aishwarya..
> Not sure what aspect of that news made you post it here.
> Overall, its an article that brings the current discussion to
> "what *IF* Google were to mandate open-standards, how would they bring
> about the change" - this is significant as they cannot but try to
> reach "all citizens", which includes the video and such multi media
> aficionados who would pro-actively create content for their
> communities.

> I do find the para very appropriate and relevant to our discussions,
> let alone other things in that article. Tnx.

Nice spin. The only line with the word standard refers to Microsoft fonts. 
I must admit though the rest of your post is really creative in interpreting 
and tenuously linking the article to the standardisation process.

IMO the article is plain simple google and FLOSS bashing.

> "Chrome OS will include proprietary technologies
> Linux still lacks a high-quality open source Flash plugin. [...]"
> Basically, what this says to us is: how is time of maturity of an open
> standard considered into a process of regimenting what needs to be
> considered today AND its grandfather-clause implications.
> Not sure we have even considered or can debate about these things as
> things are rushed due to the fire-fighting mode right now*. And I for
> one have not been able to articulate the intricacies and dependencies,
> let alone the impact of a regimentation to its practice as elaborated
> to some extent in this article. Would be good to start a discussion
> group here in Bangalore.
> (* Never mind the pressure of just catching up with the focus in each
> thread of discussion it self, and then some on each ones pet peeves:
> top posting, posting style, how to post, what should be on wiki and
> what on this list and how a phone conversation needs to be transferred
> to us,..; someday we do hope you can call names in public about us
> -older and heavier stuck-ups and the wanna-bes - who call you a spamer
> :) )

;-). The mod might step in.


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