[fosscomm] Chrome OS Could Offend the Open Source Community

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Mon Jul 13 23:03:06 PDT 2009

On Tuesday 14 July 2009, Praveen A wrote:
> 2009/7/13 Kenneth Gonsalves <lawgon at au-kbc.org>:
> > On Monday 13 Jul 2009 3:57:04 pm jtd wrote:
> >> On Monday 13 July 2009, Aishwarya Madineni wrote:
> >> > ITforChange.net
> >>
> >> List moderator could you ban this spammer.
> >
> > +1
> I don't believe this post needs such responses. At the best it dilutes
> our focus,

If anything continuation of such spam posts dilutes the focus. Nipping it in 
the bud will maintain proper focus. Given the volume and seriousness of 
posts, at least I am forced to follow every link.

> and that brings me to the need of a posting guidelines for 
> our list. With suggestions from many in earlier posts about being
> inclusive I would propose much less strict rules from a typical user
> group rules. I would want it to be guidelines and not rule - we can
> remind one or two times, but that alone should not be reasons to ban.
> Also considering many are new to mailing lists, I pospose we let
> people make more mistakes for members new to list.

Let every one have fun, and make it a habit. Then  at a later date we decide 
on rules. Neat.
Such a policy is going to tax everyones patience.
Being inclusive does not mean being lax.

> I believe moderators are needed only for stopping spam, no legitimate
> posts should be questioned. If we see it is diluting the focus we can
> ask the poster politely not to send such mails.

Of course. I too firmly believe in no moderation, but please remove spammers 
promptly, if you dont want to deal with a mess later. Given the wide 
audience, you are going to have more than the usual share of rubbish WITH 
rules. I wonder what it would be like without any.

> I have started a wiki page http://fosscomm.in/Posting_Guidelines
> Lets not just copy the rules from some lists, but gradually come up
> with what is absolutely required to keep the list in a good mood
> without diluting the agenda.
> So first issue is about sharing news. What should be our guidelines
> about sharing news? 

Already sent a mail earlier.

> This was one such example. I don't think it was 
> spam nor the poster needs to be moderated.

It was spam, most likely using bots. I got two of them on my personal id. The 
same was posted on ilug-bom. And there was no input whatsoever from the 
poster. And the icing, the entire article posted verbatim, again to the list, 
ilug-bom and my mail id. IMO the post was to score page hits in an attempt to 
push up page ranking. A Regular trick whenever certain monopolies are going 
to be badly affected.

As i said earlier, I (and most likely everyone on the list) am forced to 
follow links, given the nature of this list. The op new perfectly well what 
they were doing.

> Looking forward to comments.
> - Praveen


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