[fosscomm] proposal: rule 1 for the moderator

Nagarjuna G. nagarjun at gnowledge.org
Mon Jul 13 19:51:59 PDT 2009

Whoever intends to be a moderator, take the word "moderate"
seriously. I propose the following rule number 1:

Sine we do not have an appointed moderator, anyone who intends to 
up that role, do it privately with the 'alleged' offender, and 
your reasons.  Do not use 'terse' language, moderation is an 
job. again: do spell out the reasons, provide links that explain the
reasons etc.  If you have no time to moderate, remain silent or

Sooner we list the rest of the rules public and inform them to every
subscriber, the better.  Else, poster may always take the attitude,
"you did not inform me before".


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