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 *The Society for Promotion of e-Governance, **India** Presents*

*Government Transformation Forum 2009*

*Transforming Public Services for the next Generation*

 *Date: **July 27-28, 2009** *

* *

*Venue: Hotel Taj Mansingh, **New Delhi**, **India***

* *

*Description:* Over the past few years, governments in developing countries
have formulated their National e-Governance plans and have been actively
pursuing the deployment of various projects under these plans. However, the
task of transforming governments is not easy. While technology alone cannot
transform governments, it is a commonplace knowledge that technologies have
a great role to play in the march towards next generation of services for
the citizens. In the fast paced world of technology, new approaches have
constantly been extending the boundaries of what is possible. The pace of
change is evidenced by the fact that terms like SOA, WOA, community
sourcing, cloud computing, software-as-a-service, mobile government and Web
2.0 that seem almost common place today, were not in the lexicon only a few
years ago.

*Government Transformation Forum 2009* endeavors to enhance collaboration
and exchange of learning practices among the industry, academia, civil
society organizations and the public sector on the latest developments that
have the potential of impacting the delivery of government services to the
next generation.. Through this forum, the organizers intend to keep the
stakeholders abreast of the latest trends and cutting edge technologies so
that the e-Government programs are designed keeping in view the needs of the
next generation. Special tracks on Cloud Computing, Web 2.0 technologies,
Mobile Transformation Initiatives, e-Revenue Administration are some of the
highlights of Government Transformation Forum 2009. The details regarding
the agenda of the conference are available at http://egovworld.org/GTF/GTF09

*GFT 2009 Agenda*

* *

*Monday- **July 27, 2009** *

§         *Session I: *NeGP – The Journey so far & the road ahead

§         *Session II: *Cloud Computing and Web 2.0 – Implications for next
generation of e-Services

§         *Session **III**: **Mobile** Applications – *e-Services for
inclusive development

*Tuesday - **July 28, 2009***

*Session I: *e-Governance for Tax Reforms – Indian Experiences**

*Session II: Workshop by Accenture: *Moving towards GST regime – Issues,
Challenges and Global Best Practices

*Session **III**: *Mission mode projects on commercial taxes, custom and
excise under NeGP

*Guidelines for Participation in the conference*

The participation in the conference is *by invitation only* and selected
representatives from Government agencies; academia and public sector
undertakings can request invitations for participation.

*To receive an invitation to participate, please contact
vikaskanungo at egovindia.org  *
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