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> On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 10:19 AM, Anivar
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> >> Suggest a simpler mechanism. For a specific issue, can create working
> >> groups. This was roughly the consensus in Bangalore and Delhi (correct
> >> me if I am wrong). Each working group can decide on their temporary
> >> point person(s) and an office. Enough organistions are there who will
> >> allow hosting facilities. Eg., IT for Change for Education, CIS for
> >> legal issues, etc. Who runs temporarily for each working group the
> >> temporary office would be decided by the group itself. They can even
> >> have their own mailing lists :). That way no central office is
> >> required right now. I think any centre at this point is premature and
> >> lead to flaming wars!.
> >
> > Democracy can be a bit exasperating but rewarding. so you need not be
> > cynical about the discussion on choosing a representative . I already
> > wrote my suggestion of steps that we need to work on before reaching
> > working group level
> >
> >
> > Anivar Aravind
> > Moving Republic
> Dear Anivar,
> Can you kindly keep the tone of your contributions constructive? As
> Guru pointed out, as we seek to expand to bring in more civil society
> organizations, our tone will have to be more "civil."

I think I clarified it on this mail
was a response to Prabir's following comment

>"Guru, we cannot decide who will represent us in one meeting to which
> we have not yet been invited and u want to have a Exec com etc! Have a
> heart!

> Venky
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