[fosscomm] Organisations endorsing position on Open Standards

Andrew Lynn lynn.andrew at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 20:59:43 PDT 2009

2009/7/13 Guru गुरु <guru at itforchange.net>

> two more suggestions
> a. Andrew mentioned that if FOSSCOMM could write to JNU, requesting that
>  Andrew represent JNU it would help. Can I request Raj, to write to JNU on
> FOSSCOMM behalf for this pls. Andrew acting in his individual capacity as a
> Prof in JNU is quite good, as JNU it will be even better.
We need a structure for FOSSCOMM, before we have a formal representation.
Before this is formulated, I suggest we act in our Individual capacities.
I do not need permission to represent my views, as a member of the Academic
community. It is even possible to tag my professional affiliation as part of
my "individual capacity".

I do not think it would be possible for the university to be a member of
FOSSCOMM directly, and suggest we keep the possibility on hold for a while.


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