[fosscomm] status of individuals

Kenneth Gonsalves lawgon at au-kbc.org
Sun Jul 12 18:49:02 PDT 2009


the majority of the foss community are individuals who are not part of nor 
represent organisations. For example, the only two registered LUGs in India 
are Delhi and Pune. All the rest are neither registered bodies nor are likely 
to be registered in the near future. As such, no one can 'represent' them. 
Further there are large numbers of people who do not belong to these bodies at 
all but are still active in the community. Take me, I am a 'member' of several 
LUGs in the sense that I take active part in their activities, but cannot 
represent them - no one can represent them, so they cannot be part of 
FOSSCOMM. At the most these LUGs can encourage their members to support 
FOSSCOMM initiatives. I work for NRC-FOSS which again is not a legal entity as 
it is a DIT project - and DIT is not going to join FOSSCOMM. Obviously 
FOSSCOMM will have to have both individual and organisational members.

As an individual, I support the letter - but can only show my support if the 
concept of having individual members is accepted.
Kenneth Gonsalves

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