[fosscomm] Organisations endorsing position on Open Standards

Guru गुरु guru at itforchange.net
Sun Jul 12 18:36:28 PDT 2009

comet media foundation as well

Guru गुरु wrote:
> thanks Raj for creating this wiki page.
> At the same time I would suggest that organizations can also provide 
> their endorsement through email on this list as well (additional option 
> for those who may find this a simpler process than editing a wiki page).
> each of us should also try to contact people to make sure that all 
> FOSSCOMM members endorse (and do not miss out just because they have not 
> been seeing emails in last 24 hours). for eg I would request Sajan 
> Venniyoor and Rajen Varada to provide endorsements from Red Hat Media 
> and Technology for the People also to this position ... the more 
> diversity we can have (right now it is mostly LUGs) it will add to the 
> possible impact
> regards
> Guru
> Raj Mathur wrote:
>> Please list organisations endorsing the FOSSCOMM position at:
>>   http://fosscomm.in/Open-Standards-Position-Endorsements
>> Thanks,
>> -- Raj

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