[fosscomm] Logo for Fosscomm

jtd jtd at mtnl.net.in
Sun Jul 12 13:06:43 PDT 2009

On Sunday 12 July 2009, Comet Media Foundation wrote:
> Folks
> No offense meant and I hope this is taken in a friendly spirit! I hate to
> cut through the enthu here, but I think the logo is most inappropriate for
> FOSSCOM. A medieval multi-bladed weapon as the base inspiration? A logo
> that looks like the nuclear hazard warning sign? I mean we don't need to
> prop our militancy up with militarised symbols.

Christ!!! All i saw was a symbolic globe with three hands reaching out and 

Never saw no weapons, let alone one of mega mass destruction. And i have used 
a few weapons - while training that is.

> No, please let's have something more inclusive, pro-life and convivial !
> What say others?

So put up one. And please point out all the symbolisms so that we see it in 
just the right light and with propah enlightenment. 

> Chandita


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