[fosscomm] Formal Invitation to join to FOSSCOMM

narendra sisodiya narendra.sisodiya at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 12:08:10 PDT 2009

       I am seeing that FOSSCOMM is becoming a good platform for Indian FOSS
activities ! Its good and I am happy. But my concern about the participation
level. I do not know that we have done any advertisement or sort of
invitation but I feel We should now make a formal invitation to join
FOSSCOMM to all communities and foss based companies. Although we have
majority of player with us but I still i feel a need to make a formal
invitation where we can describe the current status of FOSSCOMM.
      See, nobody knows that in my company, (Tejas Networks), we do have
internal linux maling list and some active person. They are not even aware
of fosscomm because everything is going on fosscomm is mailing list and if
you are not a member of fosscomm you will be just out of fosscomm. in this
case I can make a note to mailing list but what about many other hidden
nodes. If we make a formal invitation to join us, many hidden nodes will
come out.

PS: still I feel that not *all* *communities* and *related* *companies* are
on fosscomm. (ilugc ?? iitm-lug ?  osscube ??   srijan ?? )
PS: joining doesnot meant joining in leagal terms. Its more like having a
participation and putting views to create a better structure of FOSSCOMM.

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