[fosscomm] Covering letter to FOSSCOMM position - for comments

Venkat Mangudi venkatmangudi at gmail.com
Sun Jul 12 07:35:00 PDT 2009

Guru गुरु wrote:
> When we send this letter, we need to give a physical address to which
> Govt can reply mail if they want to. Can Raj (or any of the 3) give his
> address for this purpose?

I have been following the last couple of threads on this forum with
great interest. If a physical address is needed, and not available, I
can provide my address (that of my strategy consulting firm) for this

Also, as a reply to the last email just out, I think it is a good idea
to list participating/member organizations as well. Please feel free to
list Venkat Mangudi Consulting, if needed.


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