[fosscomm] Covering letter to FOSSCOMM position - for comments

Kishore Bhargava kishore at linkaxis.com
Sun Jul 12 07:01:17 PDT 2009

prabir wrote:
> 2009/7/12 Raj Mathur <raju at linux-delhi.org>:
>> As an aside, shouldn't we list out all the organisations who support our
>> position paper?  Having a couple of dozen organisation names would carry
>> more weight than just 3 names of (relative) non-entities (with apologies
>> in advance to the other two people involved :)
> A bit tricky this one. We can all give our organisations names and
> then this becomes a joint letter of all the organisations or have have
> this on behalf of FOSSCOM and list the organisations who are in the
> FOSSCOM. In either case the three names can be there on our behalf.

I would vote for the latter. The letter goes from FOSSCOMM and as an 
introduction to FOSSCOMM we provide a list of member organisations.


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