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On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 1:33 PM, prabir<prabirp at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/7/12 Anivar Aravind <anivar.aravind at gmail.com>:
>> On Sun, Jul 12, 2009 at 10:54 AM, prabir<prabirp at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Anivar,
>>> Pl stop personal comments (cynical me, paranoia a la Guru, etc), not
>>> becoming of somebody who is a "moderator". Such comments are clearly
>>> designed to "shut up" people, so that fearing unpleasantness, people
>>> will not speak. This is not "list" democracy. In the real world we
>>> call this bullying. So moderate your language and try and express
>>> yourself without various adjectives. All of us are taking time to
>>> discuss issues. So pl confine the discussion to issues and leave
>>> personal opinions, views about people out of this. This is important
>>> if we want to work together.
>> Prabir,
>> Just clarifying Observation on a comment that casts aspersions on a
>> collective process  will not amount to any personal insinuation.
>  My comments "Casts aspersions" on the process, no, I am not able to
> understand it! But then I truly do not understand much of what you
> have written, for example the paragraph below.

Dear Prabir,

>From your last paragraph, I see there was an effort to undersatnd what
I wrote. I appreciate it.

>> Hope you will understand this. This is true about invoking ideas about
>> conspiracy or snubbing a process that people take seriously .
>> ("Guru, we cannot decide who will represent us in one meeting to which
>> we have not yet been invited and u want to have a Exec com etc! Have a
>> heart!).
>>  I  think it is better we get back to discussion. Further distractions
>> will only be unproductive. I am not favouring a flame war here. It is
>> neither in the interest of the list nor the community. Let us not be
>> unnecessarily provocative. We are our best judges in these things. I
>> understand that the long discussion on the selection of the rep has
>> been annoying. I just want to say that there is nothing "abnormal"
>> about it. Let us agree to disagree if you think otherwise.
> Let us disagree on it, but try and express our disagreements less
> sharply.  And no, sometimes we are not the best judge.
> Otherwise, people will vote in the list with their feet, and that may
> indeed be unfortunate.

The point remains the same. We being our best judges is not a univrsal
principle. In this context, what is best, whether to desist  from
provocation or to go further ahead with it, I think one can judge for
oneself. What is more unfortunate will be missing this point.

>We are trying to enlarge our numbers and the
> process in the list must make people feel comfortable to come in and
> join in the discussions. What to some of you may be "normal", may be
> "abnormal" to others.

And vice versa, pecisely. That was my point too.

> So let us keep in mind the plurality of the
> cultures that we are trying to get here -- people who may or may not
> know about top positing, etc.

Plurality will not be compromised if people are reminded of certain
community norms/practices. If someone wants to avoid, for example,
top posting,  irrespective of the reminders, well, the matter just
ends there.  The community will eventually adjust to their habit. We
will continue to believe that the norm we set up as a community is
useful and they will stay with us with their differential view.

>> ~ solidarity
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