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Pl stop personal comments, not becoming of somebody who is a "moderator"

2009/7/12 Anivar Aravind <anivar.aravind at gmail.com>:
>> Suggest a simpler mechanism. For a specific issue, can create working
>> groups. This was roughly the consensus in Bangalore and Delhi (correct
>> me if I am wrong). Each working group can decide on their temporary
>> point person(s) and an office. Enough organistions are there who will
>> allow hosting facilities. Eg., IT for Change for Education, CIS for
>> legal issues, etc. Who runs temporarily for each working group the
>> temporary office would be decided by the group itself. They can even
>> have their own mailing lists :). That way no central office is
>> required right now. I think any centre at this point is premature and
>> lead to flaming wars!.
> Democracy can be a bit exasperating but rewarding. so you need not be
> cynical about the discussion on choosing a representative . I already
> wrote my suggestion of steps that we need to work on before reaching
> working group level
Pl stop personal comments (cynical me, paranoia a la Guru, etc), not
becoming of somebody who is a "moderator". Such comments are clearly
designed to "shut up" people, so that fearing unpleasantness, people
will not speak. This is not "list" democracy. In the real world we
call this bullying. So moderate your language and try and express
yourself without various adjectives. All of us are taking time to
discuss issues. So pl confine the discussion to issues and leave
personal opinions, views about people out of this. This is important
if we want to work together.

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