[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as analternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Anivar Aravind anivar.aravind at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 10:38:57 PDT 2009

On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 8:47 PM, prabir<prabirp at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2009/7/11 Raj Mathur <raju at linux-delhi.org>:
>> On Saturday 11 Jul 2009, Anivar Aravind wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>> I think you need to read Raj's response again. As I pointed before
>>> Raj's fear was  he is not diplomatic to represent,  most of the users
>>> said  he is the best. Does anyone have any issues with Raj, who got
>>> maximum support from this group. Raj, Please confirm again to reduce
>>> the doubts
> The issue here is not maximum support - FOSSCOMM should not be seen as
> a minority majority vote but how to maximise our unity and trying to
> build consensus. It does not help this process if some of the people
> here state that they only trust people they know and all others are
> suspect.India is a large country and FOSS community is no longer small
> for everybody to know everybody. I must commend Raj, Gora, Nagarjuna
> and Guru (also others) who are trying their best to create a larger
> unity and consensus. I think this is the spirit that should be
> followed. Also less heat and more light please!
> As I have said earlier, I have no issues with any of the names Andrew,
> Raj, Kishore. I suggest 2 from Andrew/Raj/Kishore, which they can
> decide mutually. I do think more people come into FOSSCOMM and own up
> to FOSS the better it will be. So even a group of 3 -- all the above
> is quite ok with me. However, if it is 3, then perhaps we should try
> and dragoon Jaijit as the third.

Thank everyone for trying to build a consensus. But keep suggesting
one name is not consensus building! What is consensus if the view of
the majority is sidelined and keep pushing one name? Andrew, at the
moment is not accessible and is not willing to make open commitment.
So we have Raj and Kishore who can be representatives. Let's go ahed
with their names

"The resources of the world are for us all to share. Let us affirm our
faith in that common cause" - Dr. Ilina Sen

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