[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as analternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Praveen A pravi.a at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 10:30:39 PDT 2009

2009/7/11 Guru गुरु <guru at itforchange.net>:
> Anivar, nowhere in any FOSSCOMM discussion I have read/heard that all
> our communications have to be ONLY on email or wiki, I know that you
> also have conversations off-line with members of FOSSCOMM on FOSSCOMM
> issues, so please avoid moral posturing.

The issue here is about giving representative position to someone who
is not participating in the discussion. The issue is you calling him,
but giving him the role to someone who did not participate even after
repeated requests from many over this issue.

> Anivar, in this debate between Gora and I, you did not participate and
> subsequently, you have been suggesting names and even actively
> persuading people - your suggestions include Gora, Raj, Sunil, which
> means implicitly you accepted the imperative to engage on this issue as

The problem is you offering Andrew the position when Raju is already
the consensus representative. I am still curious why you never saw
Raju's acceptance (sans the diplomacy).

> I also said this in Delhi, FOSSCOMM is not a 'technical community' group
> like a ILUG or FSUG, from the beginning we have been emphasising that
> FOSSCOMM will be a diverse group of academicians, NGO/CBO activists etc - so
> we should take effort that this diversity is also reflected in our choice of
> people to represent us - so  Andrew as an academician from a reputed

I have strong reservations about that. Representations should be based
on the work done in an area. Yes, we should have diverse participation
in different focus areas, but representation should be based on their

> university is a good complement  to Kishore from ILUG D (since Raj and Gora
> have stepped back, we should  look at others - as Nagarjuna said we should
> try and widen our group instead of looking at only 3-4 people as FOSSCOMM
> representatives. Also  for this effort, having local people will be
> essential - it will be difficult for people to fly in whenever there are
> meetings etc).

Raju never stepped back, the fact you always avoided Raju is amusing
me (even after many people repeated this).

> The FOSSCOMM membership diversity should also reflect in our
> 'organizational'  norms including communication norms such as email
> etiquette, communications on  email/wiki vs F2F vs phone etc- we should not
> try to  enforce 'FOSS technical groups' norms on FOSSCOMM without any
> discussion or debate on the same, which can put off people not familiar with
> such processes.

As Anivar clarified, it is about community practice not about technology.

> 3. Trust
> As far as acquiring trust is concerned, I think trust is eroded when
> bona fide voluntary actions of a member are questioned on really
> frivolous grounds as this one - of having had a telephone conversation.

It is an issue when you offered the position to someone outside the
discussion when we already agreed upon someone who is active in the

- Praveen
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