[fosscomm] DEADLINE for FOSSCOM position on Draft Policy: 10.00 AM July July 9th.

Pranesh Prakash pranesh at cis-india.org
Sat Jul 11 09:38:00 PDT 2009

On Sat, Jul 11, 2009 at 21:38, narendra sisodiya
<narendra.sisodiya at gmail.com> wrote:
> PNG is made for image and image do not have animation. we donot care for
> extra feature for gif.

I hope all realise that it isn't about the specific examples I gave,
but more about the kinds of considerations involved in answering them.

> PNG can animate --- http://twitpic.com/a01n0 --- (via @boomshake )

AFAIK, APNG was rejected by the PNG committee.  But frankly, that is
besides the point.

> As long as vector image is consider, I vote SVG. If you read Open Office
> Document specification , It do allow svg , javascript, smil animation
> support !!

It isn't about which standards are chosen.  India hasn't gone down the
standard eGIF path where the standards themselves are specified.  It
has instead chosen to go in for a policy first and then do the
selection of standards separately.

So, at the present stage, the debate is not about the *standards*
themselves, but about *how* the standards are to be chosen.

After all, even under paragraph 6.2 of v2 of the DNPOSeG (phew!),
multiple standards are allowed iff an open standard ("a standard [...]
meeting all the mandatory characteristics of the policy is not
available") is not available in a specific domain.  As long as this
isn't changed, I don't perceive the multiple-ness being "open standard
and proprietary standard", but instead "open standard and open
standard".  It is that form of multiple standards (i.e., the form
currently prescribed by the latest version of the draft rules) that I
am raising a question about.


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