[fosscomm] NEW MEMBERS FROM DELHI FOSSCOMM MEETING (WAS Re: Brief highlights -Re: [fosscom] Invite for July 4th meet)

Guru गुरु guru at itforchange.net
Sat Jul 11 03:54:45 PDT 2009

Dear friends,

We had an 'attendance record' in our Delhi FOSSCOMM meeting on 4th - 
which had email ids also. If this email id list can be shared with 
Anivar (or me or on the list), we can ensure that the participants can 
be added to the list. Andrew, as our 'host' do you have this list?

I am copying some of the members whose ids i know and request them to 
become members of the FOSSCOMM mailing list by following the link


If others have other names/ids of our new members from the Delhi 
meeting, request if you can share the same as well

On an related note, think as a part of evolving our 'organizational 
form' including structures/processes, we need to think hard about 
membership criteria and admission process, detailing further what we 
currently have.

thanks and regards,

Guru गुरु wrote:
> Friends
> Am sharing the brief highlights of the meeting of the FOSSCOMM at JNU, 
> Delhi on 4th July
> Would request Jaijit (and others) to share info on action items and 
> responsible persons to complete the document. I have put these as per my 
> notes in teh document in bold italics
> If I have missed out any key item/info/discussion, others present in the 
> meeting pls add
> Andrew, can you trace the attendance record and share info, all new 
> members should also become members of this mailing list as well.
> thanks and regards,
> Guru
> vinay ವಿನಯ್ wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> Please find below a  invite with agenda for the 4th of July meet. 
>> Please do forward it suitably.
>> Thanks,
>> Vinay.
>> -----------------------------------------
>> Dear All,
>> Many of us have been advocating for several years, the adoption of 
>> FOSS applications and platforms in our country. FOSS related advocacy 
>> has been gradually gathering energies, including the campaign against 
>> software patents, including FOSS in the CBSE syllabi , suggesting a 
>> FOSS manifesto for political parties in the recent elections etc.
>> However, we do have a long way to go before FOSS is taken as a default 
>> software option. Towards this cause, a network or a coalition of 
>> organizations working on FOSS adoption and promotion, would be able to 
>> act more cohesively on issues and strengthen our individual efforts. 
>> While such an initiative will be energy-intensive and time-consuming, 
>> it would help orchestrate our advocacy for FOSS adoption. We are 
>> writing to you to invite you to a meeting to discuss the building of 
>> such a coalition comprising of members from academic institutions, 
>> NGOs and CBOs, research and advocacy groups, professional 
>> associations, FOSS enterprises, FOSS user groups, government 
>> officials, media professionals etc and also its possible priorities.
>> The first meeting of this network was held in Bangalore in February 
>> 09, when over 30 people met and discussed issues including working 
>> with Universities in Karnataka through NRC-FOSS, to adopt FOSS, train 
>> teachers on GNU/Linux (the Karnataka Computer learning program in 
>> schools is on GNU/Linux), countering monopolistic and restrictive 
>> practices in the IT sector,  technical aspects such as developing 
>> local language fonts that are Unicode compliant etc. A mailing list 
>> and a wiki (http://fosscomm.in) have been since created.Please see the 
>> wiki(http://fosscomm.in) for a more detailed update on that meeting 
>> and activities post that meeting.
>> We now plan to continue building this coalition, with a meeting in 
>> Delhi. We request you to join for a full-day meeting on the 4th of 
>> July at the JNU, New Delhi (exact venue within JNU will be 
>> communicated shortly).
>> The proposed (draft) agenda for the meeting is as follows-
>> 1. Reporting on the Bangalore FOSSCOMM 1st Meeting and follow up
>> 2. “Open Standards” Follow up on the Department of IT's draft policy 
>> on open standards
>> (http://www.mit.gov.in/download/Policyonopensandards.pdf).
>> 3. FOSS in Education - What the FOSS community can do to promote the 
>> use of FOSS in School Education and Higher Education
>> 4. Software Patents and other legal issues
>> a) Take up pre and post grant opposition for selected cases
>> b) Take up the issue of Draft Manual which deviates from the Patent Act
>> c) Take up with the Competition Commission, practices which seem to be 
>> restrictive or monopolistic.
>> 5. Building political consensus around FOSS as an important factor for 
>> India's development
>> If you require accommodation, please let us know, we will try and 
>> arrange at JNU.
>> The travel costs as well as the cost of stay would have to be borne by 
>> the participants.
>> For those requesting accommodation, please write to the following:
>> Prof. Andrew Lynn lynn.andrew at gmail.com and Rajesh Kalithody - 
>> myidrajesh at gmail.com
>> Any suggestion/modifications to the agenda are welcome.
>> Thanks,
>> On behalf of the Delhi Organizing Group, FOSSCOMM

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