[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as analternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Anivar Aravind anivar.aravind at gmail.com
Sat Jul 11 03:27:32 PDT 2009

2009/7/11 Guru गुरु <guru at itforchange.net>:
> Dear Anivar,
> I need to give bit elaborate responses to your mail.
> 1. Andrew nomination
Dear Guru,

It is sad to know that you took it personel. I think my concern is
clear & in best interest of fosscomm, that properly identified by a
lot of people responded after that.

consensus is on Raj if I am right. As long as Andrew is invisible
there is no need to consider his name. Moreover, even after repeated
references and guru himself phoning to him he has not shown the
courtesy to interact with other members,. so he has no inclination to
be interactive and visible. such a person may not be an ideal
candidate . If andrew cant speak for himself in the group, how will he
speak for the FOSSCOMM. If he has not seen any discussion on the issue
& about alternative suggessions here how he can agree to be

And calling and offering  a position who is not involved in list
automatically creates a power position & reduces responsibility to the
group . Every body talks to everyone over the phone. but to
communicate somebody's willingness in the manner guru has done as if
everything is now settled is wrong

That is the issue raised and i hope most of the people in this list
understood it properly

> Anivar, in this debate between Gora and I, you did not participate and
> subsequently, you have been suggesting names and even actively
> persuading people - your suggestions include Gora, Raj, Sunil, which
> means implicitly you accepted the imperative to engage on this issue as

As u properly noticed, I was not saying no. Trying to bring the
importance of fosscomm & how people active, and contributed to the
Open standards front as our representative on Open standards front. I
hope all the people i suggested were based on their prior work on
this, after venky and jaijith (ideal candidates) backed off .

> I also said this in Delhi, FOSSCOMM is not a 'technical community' group
> like a ILUG or FSUG, from the beginning we have been emphasising that
> FOSSCOMM will be a diverse group of academicians, NGO/CBO activists etc -

For me FOSSCOMM is a network of FOSS Community in which Free Software
Activists (including academicians, usergroups, NGOS/CBOS/SMEs ,
Industries  etc are part . ), which works on FOSS way .

> we should take effort that this diversity is also reflected in our choice of
> people to represent us - so  Andrew as an academician from a reputed
> university is a good complement  to Kishore from ILUG D (since Raj and Gora
> have stepped back, we should  look  at others - as Nagarjuna said we should
> try and widen our group instead of looking at only 3-4 people as FOSSCOMM
> representatives. Also  for this effort, having local people will be
> essential - it will be difficult for people to fly in whenever there are
> meetings etc).

I think you need to read Raj's response again. As I pointed before
Raj's fear was  he is not diplomatic to represent,  most of the users
said  he is the best. Does anyone have any issues with Raj, who got
maximum support from this group. Raj, Please confirm again to reduce
the doubts

> The FOSSCOMM membership diversity should also reflect in our
> 'organizational'  norms including communication norms such as email
> etiquette, communications on  email/wiki vs F2F vs phone etc- we should not
> try to  enforce 'FOSS technical groups' norms on FOSSCOMM without any
> discussion or debate on the same, which can put off people not familiar with
> such processes.

Free Software Community is already working very well. FCI wikia
(which initiated by Praveen) etc were acted as common action platform
for a long time. the community countered most of the threats last few
years. Venky & nagarjuna can light more on this . My Interest in
FOSSCOMM is  NGOS/CBOS etc , which is not following "FOSS Community
Way" (it is community way & not always technical)  to bring to that
path .  I think other people can light more on this. Bottom Postings,
Non HTML emails etc are always meant for better & efficient

> I request members to respond and suggest how we can constructively take
> our collective agenda forward. Raj in his recent mail has clearly explained
> the nature of this representation, that it is limited to this issue and is
> not a generic representation on all FOSSCOMM matters. And I think it would
> be useful to accept his thoughts and move forward on this issue.

Do you have any issues with raj, Most of the people in this list
supported him. If yes please raise. Lets make it clear that we only
need one Representative on Open standards for the time

Again requesting you to follow list etiquettes and avoid top posting ,
that is always meant for  better communication

"The resources of the world are for us all to share. Let us affirm our
faith in that common cause" - Dr. Ilina Sen

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