[fosscomm] Help required to form FOSSCOM as analternate Industry and Civil Society body to NASSCOM

Guru गुरु guru at itforchange.net
Sat Jul 11 02:18:45 PDT 2009

Dear Vikram and friends

> <snip>
> Ok. So if I have understood correctly -- For a project related to the
> FOSS community and the Govt. of Karnataka, where the
> Bangalore/Karnataka foss community should be involved in *all* stages
> of the discussion through the appropriate mailing lists --
> communication happens though pvt. cc mails. But when it comes to the
> Govt. of India and the foss community, the same people loudly "oppose"
> private communication...
> Open standards!!

I would sincerely request all of us to avoid getting into flame war kind 
of situations since it is of no use in persuading one another and does 
great harm to the collective cause.

The specific issue of the Karnataka schools FOSS training was amicably 
settled in our meeting to discuss the MOU and I would request we not 
open old wounds unless there is some benefit to our common cause of 
promoting FOSS!! If not we should let bygones be bygones and move 
forward in a constructive manner. And use our energies to collaborate 
with others rather than for blood letting :-)

thanks and regards

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