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c/o Jaijit Bhattacharya and others

We are a group of volunteers working in the area of promoting Marathi as a
democratic instrument. We pride ourselves in not being sectarian and respect
all indian languages equally and choose to work for Marathi as we have both
knowledge of and duty towards it. We see the use of marathi ( and use of
indian languages in general) in e-governance as a major part of enabling the
large masses to participate in the governance. As such we came across the
movement of the FOSSCOM towards preserving the public interest. We
understand that you are fighting the encroachment of public interest by
corporate commercial interests by introducing , by hook or by crook , the
royalty-based proprietary standards in place of open, royalty-free standards
in general as also in language related software in particular.We are also
against any proprietary standards included in e-governance that may be
'free' of cost today but not 'free' as in freedom as the same may become
bottlenecks in future.
In deed , we believe , that like CJK countries have often done, the
government must pressurise the corporates to open and free the standards.
For that the corporates must be asked to  issue the well documented
standards  with permissive license as mandated in the Open Standards Policy
document (ver 1.5) . Otherwise the proprietory standards must not be
accepted as 'mandatory' as is being done (refer the minutes of Apex Body ,
dated 17 June 2009) . The dilution as proposed in 'revised' Policy document
as per section 6.3 is not acceptable to us. This appears to be clearly the
handiwork  of the vested interests favoring proprietory standards that
eventually will cost the nation heavily . We believe that Indian market has
sufficient strength to bend the corporates and comply with our demands. If
not we have enough talent to develop substitutes.
We are only a small group and will continue to campaign at the local level
on the above issues. We wish to join the national mainstream and believe
FOSSCOM to be playing the signal role of voicing the concerns of the
voiceless millions.

Rammohan Khanapurkar
*(Secretary, Marathi Abhyas Kendra)
कार्यवाह- मराठी अभ्यास केंद्र
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