[fosscomm] network Digest, Vol 5, Issue 22

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Wed Jul 8 06:44:12 PDT 2009

>> 2. Both Venky and I cannot represent FOSSCOMM as we are very visible to
>> the government. It will look like a cheap ploy for us to present the same
>> views through another platform. Therefore, may I suggest Prabir
>> Purkhaystha to officially present it to the government. Besides the fact
>> that he is in Delhi and understands government and politics very well, his
>> superb articulation and resplendent grey hair (apologies for the pun)
>> would help our cause greatly.
> I suggest Raj Mathur or Gora Mohanti from Ilugd , if it is not venky or
> Jaijit

Direct political affiliation of Prabir with CPIM can lead to the
labeling of FOSSCOMM.
It is better that some one who is not directly involved in politics
represent Indian free sotware community.

It is better to layout the working principles of FOSSCOMM before these kinds
of representations are made in the name of FOSSCOMM/Indian free
software community.
This hurry can be destructive.


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